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Increasing your speed Edit

Through guild advancement Edit

The guild perk Mount Up will increase your riding speed by 10%.

Through class abilities and talentsEdit


Shaman and Druids acquire shapeshift forms ([Ghost Wolf] for shaman and [Travel Form] for druids) that increase their movement speed (not as much as a mount, but it is trainable at an earlier level), while Hunters get aspects to boost their own movement speed and that of their party. Rogues and druids (in [Cat Form]) have an ability to temporarily increase movement speed. Here are the skills and abilities that provide some classes with a bit of a faster mount movement speed, either passively or by the activation of an ability.

Through items and enchantsEdit


There are five other methods for increasing your mounted speed, with no effects beyond level 70:

These last two items effectively increase a mount's speed by 10%. However, they do not stack with the previously mentioned methods, so they are approximately (see below) a 1% improvement over using the above 3 items combined. It should be also noted that for players of WotLK the Riding Crop is only usable for two levels (69 and 70), and the Skybreaker Whip only for one level (70).

All speed improvement items work on both normal and flying mounts (with the exception of npc controlled point-to-point flight).

WotLK Characters higher than level 70 will not benefit from mount speed improvement items and enchants. With Cataclysm, the following are no longer available: