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Murkblood Brute
{{#set:NPC faction=Combat}}
Gender Gender::Male
Race race::Broken (Humanoid)
Level NPC level::66 - 67
Health 4,300
Wealth 9s 77c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Nagrand {{#vardefine:map {{#vardefine:instance

}}{{#vardefine:x |26.1 }}{{#vardefine:y |40.9 }}[[:File:{{#var:map}}|[{{#var:x}}, {{#var:y}}]]] |-







|- | style="font-weight: bold; vertical-align: top;" | See | Pilt:Icon-3D-48x48.png |-






Murkblood Brutes can be found at Sunspring Post in Nagrand. {{#vardefine:map |{{#vardefine:instance

|}}InstanceMap-{{#var:instance}}.jpg }}{{#vardefine:x |26.1 }}{{#vardefine:y |40.9 }}[[:File:{{#var:map}}|[{{#var:x}}, {{#var:y}}]]] A pair of them can be found abusing a Kurenai Captive at {{#vardefine:map |{{#vardefine:instance

|}}InstanceMap-{{#var:instance}}.jpg }}{{#vardefine:x |33 }}{{#vardefine:y |42 }}[[:File:{{#var:map}}|[{{#var:x}}, {{#var:y}}]]] and another pair are abusing a Mag'har Captive at {{#vardefine:map |{{#vardefine:instance

|}}InstanceMap-{{#var:instance}}.jpg }}{{#vardefine:x |31 }}{{#vardefine:y |44 }}[[:File:{{#var:map}}|[{{#var:x}}, {{#var:y}}]]].

Killing them will earn you +10 with the Kurenai/Mag'har faction.


  • Rushing Charge (Knockdown)
  • Dual Wield

Drops Edit

Pilt:BattleMasterGossipIcon.png Level Type Slot Drop %
Netherweave Cloth [Netherweave Cloth] 60 Trade Good 36.24%
Murkblood Idol [Murkblood Idol] 1 Quest 11.33%
Oshu'gun Crystal Powder Sample [Oshu'gun Crystal Powder Sample] 65 Junk 7.40%
Smoked Talbuk Venison [Smoked Talbuk Venison] 65(55) Consumable 4.50%

0.07% Chance of a rare drop.
0.60% Chance of an Uncommon drop.
0.07% Chance of a common drop.
0.20% Chance of a poor drop.

Note: % drop chance was correct at the time the page was generated/created. This will not be updated.

Pick pocket Edit

20px Level Drop%
A Gnome Effigy [A Gnome Effigy] 1 10.79%
Strong Junkbox [Strong Junkbox] 60 9.76%
Smoked Talbuk Venison [Smoked Talbuk Venison] 65 4.62%
Mag'har Grainbread [Mag'har Grainbread] 65 3.59%
Super Healing Potion [Super Healing Potion] 65 2.82%
Blood Garnet [Blood Garnet] 65 0.25%

External linksEdit

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