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Race race::Nerubian
Level NPC level::60 Undead
Health 30,000
Wealth 2g 53s 27c
Location Stratholme
Status Killable
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Nerub'enkan is a Nerubian crypt fiend. She is a mini-boss of Stratholme, found on the Undead side. She protects one of the three Ziggurats that guard the entrance to the Slaughterhouse, where Baron Rivendare can be found.


  • Encasing Webs, immobilizes anyone near the caster for 8 sec
  • Pierce Armour, reduces the target's armour by 50%
  • Summon Undead Scarab

Soloing difficultiesEdit

Nerub'enkan is known as the hardest hitter of the three bosses that defend Stratholme's Spirit Towers. Her raw, unmigrated damage is somewhere in the 3000s. She is immune to all stun and immobilization abilities, and has a long range attack that doesn't necessarily require her to be in line of sight with that which she is attacking. Her web ability temporaily makes that person or pet lose aggro, causing her to attack any solo-ing hunters or warlocks who may be using a pet to tank.




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