Were you looking for Outland blue gems?

These Gems are specific to WotLK. Here is a listing of all blue Northrend gems by color

Northrend blue gems provide the following bonuses (updated for 4.0.1):

Pilt:UI-EmptySocket-Blue.png Blue
Hit Rating Rigid
Spell Penetration Stormy
Spirit Sparkling
Stamina Solid

The following gems are cut into yellow socket gems (updated for 4.0.1):

List of gems (updated for 4.0.1):

Blue, match Pilt:UI-EmptySocket-Blue.png blue sockets. [edit]
Gem Effects Source
[Rigid Chalcedony] +12 Hit Rating Trainer
[Perfect Rigid Chalcedony] +14 Hit Rating Gem Perfection
[Rigid Sky Sapphire] +16 Hit Rating Tiffany Cartier
[Rigid Stormjewel] +20 Hit Rating Bag of Fishing Treasures
[Rigid Majestic Zircon] +20 Hit Rating Timothy Jones
[Sparkling Chalcedony] +12 Spirit Trainer
[Perfect Sparkling Chalcedony] +14 Spirit Gem Perfection
[Sparkling Sky Sapphire] +16 Spirit Trainer
[Sparkling Stormjewel] +20 Spirit Bag of Fishing Treasures
[Sparkling Majestic Zircon] +20 Spirit Timothy Jones
[Solid Chalcedony] +18 Stamina Trainer
[Perfect Solid Chalcedony] +21 Stamina Gem Perfection
[Solid Sky Sapphire] +24 Stamina Tiffany Cartier
[Solid Stormjewel] +30 Stamina Bag of Fishing Treasures
[Solid Majestic Zircon] +30 Stamina Timothy Jones
[Stormy Chalcedony] +15 Spell Penetration   AllianceCaptain O'Neal
HordeLady Palanseer
[Perfect Stormy Chalcedony] +18 Spell Penetration   Gem Perfection
[Stormy Sky Sapphire] +20 Spell Penetration   Wintergrasp
[Stormy Majestic Zircon] +25 Spell Penetration   Timothy Jones

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