This is a visual guide to the alchemical gem-related transmutations from Wrath of the Lich King.

Meta gemsEdit

16px [Earthsiege Diamond]
Transmute: Earthsiege Diamond
[Dark Jade] [Huge Citrine]
[Eternal Fire]
16px [Skyflare Diamond]
Transmute: Skyflare Diamond
[Bloodstone] [Chalcedony]
[Eternal Air]

Epic gemsEdit

Patch 3.2 adds epic gems to the Northrend tier. They can be prospected from Titanium Ore, purchased from vendors, or transmuted from rare gems using Alchemy.

16px [Ametrine]
Transmute: Ametrine
[Monarch Topaz] [Eternal Shadow]
16px [Cardinal Ruby]
Transmute: Cardinal Ruby
[Scarlet Ruby] [Eternal Fire]
16px [Dreadstone]
Transmute: Dreadstone
[Twilight Opal] [Eternal Shadow]
16px [Eye of Zul]
Transmute: Eye of Zul
3x [Forest Emerald]
16px [King's Amber]
Transmute: King's Amber
[Autumn's Glow] [Eternal Life]
16px [Majestic Zircon]
Transmute: Majestic Zircon
[Sky Sapphire] [Eternal Air]

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