48px Pilt:Neutral 15.png Once Bitten, Twice Shy (25 player) Achievement points::10 Achievement points
Defeat the Blood Queen once as a vampire and again without becoming a vampire in 25-player mode.
  • Defeat the Blood Queen while a vampire
  • Defeat the Blood Queen without becoming a vampire


Combat Blood-Queen Lana'thel is the final boss of the Crimson Hall wing of Icecrown Citadel.


Not a particularly daunting achievement, but it can be something of a pain to get. DPS will have an easier time defeating her while becoming a vampire and healers and tanks will have an easier time defeating her without becoming one. It requires either to have duel specs (one tank/healer and one DPS) or some communication with your raid leader requesting that you be bit or not be bit. Other than that, there is no specific strategy or quirk to the tactics of the fight to get it.

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