Were you looking for either of the Quests, A [73] Pest Control or H [73] Pest Control?

Pest Control is a general achievement.

It involves killing a variety of pest-like critters in the game.


Critter Location
Combat 17px AdderDurotar; The Barrens; Hellfire Peninsula; The Underbog
Combat 17px Crystal SpiderThe Nexus; Oculus; Winterspring
Combat 17px Devouring MaggotUtgarde Catacombs, Howling Fjord
Combat 17px Fire BeetleBurning Steppes; Searing Gorge; Shattered Halls, Hellfire Citadel
Combat 17px Fjord RatHowling Fjord
Combat 17px Gold BeetleHalls of Stone and Halls of Lightning, Ulduar; Tanaris
Combat 17px LarvaGhostlands; Naxxramas
Combat 17px MaggotGhostlands; Halgrind (in Howling Fjord, near the pool in the center of the village); Ashenvale (Lake Falathim)
Combat 17px MoccasinSwamp of Sorrows in the waterways near the Pool of Tears
Combat 17px MouseWestfall, Grizzly Hills, hill just above Venture Bay
Combat 17px RatAll over Azeroth
Combat 17px RoachAll over Azeroth
Combat 17px ScorpionHellfire Peninsula in the plains below Honor Hold; Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj; Temple of Ahn'Qiraj
Combat 17px SnakeAll over Azeroth
Combat 17px Spider Ghostlands, and other places in Azeroth
Combat 17px SquirrelAll over Azeroth
Combat 17px Underbelly RatUnderbelly, Dalaran
Combat 17px Zul'Drak RatZul'Drak

Found at any farmstead. You may need to kill the prairie dogs to get the mouse to spawn.



There's a useful (and amusing) macro you can use to help pin point the exact critter once you're in the vicinity. Unfortunately this macro exceeds the 255 character limit imposed on macros. A workaround is to either leave out the last 3 lines completely or to only include pests you still need (assuming a partially completed achievement).

/tar Adder
/tar Devouring Maggot
/tar Fjord Rat
/tar Larva
/tar Moccasin
/tar Rat
/tar Scorpion
/tar Spider
/tar Zul'Drak Rat 
/tar Crystal Spider 
/tar Fire Beetle
/tar Gold Beetle
/tar Maggot
/tar Mouse
/tar Roach
/tar Snake
/tar Underbelly Rat
/stopmacro [noexists]
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\Ragnaros\\RagnarosSlay01.wav")
/tell YourNameHere >>> %t <<<


Pest Control/Strategy

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