Pigment is a type of ingredient primarily used by the Inscription profession to produce inks. Using the [Milling] subskill on five of any of the herbs listed will to create 2-4 common pigments. Occasionally (25% or 50% chance depending on item level of herb), milling may also additionally produce 1-3 uncommon pigments (almost always 1), although these are found less frequently.

Types of pigments
Pigment Herbs
16px [Alabaster Pigment] 16px [Peacebloom], 16px [Silverleaf], 16px [Earthroot]
16px [Dusky Pigment], 16px [Verdant Pigment] 16px [Briarthorn], 16px [Swiftthistle], 16px [Bruiseweed], 16px [Stranglekelp], 16px [Mageroyal]
16px [Golden Pigment], 16px [Burnt Pigment] 16px [Wild Steelbloom], 16px [Grave Moss], 16px [Kingsblood], 16px [Liferoot]
16px [Emerald Pigment], 16px [Indigo Pigment] 16px [Fadeleaf], 16px [Goldthorn], 16px [Khadgar's Whisker], 16px [Wintersbite]
16px [Violet Pigment], 16px [Ruby Pigment] 16px [Firebloom], 16px [Purple Lotus], 16px [Arthas' Tears], 16px [Sungrass], 16px [Blindweed], 16px [Ghost Mushroom], 16px [Gromsblood]
16px [Silvery Pigment], 16px [Sapphire Pigment] 16px [Golden Sansam], 16px [Dreamfoil], 16px [Mountain Silversage], 16px [Sorrowmoss], 16px [Icecap]
16px [Nether Pigment], 16px [Ebon Pigment] (from milling Outland herbs)
16px [Azure Pigment], 16px [Icy Pigment] (from milling Northrend herbs)
16px [Ashen Pigment], 16px [Burning Embers] (from milling Cataclysm herbs)

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