Alternative loot divvying system to DKP. A specific type is called the Ni Karma system.

Points Per Run system, or PPR. In this system, you get X points for the run. This means that everyone that goes is equal, and it still gives more loot to the more active members since they will be going on more raids.

Advantages Edit

  • Instead of someone saving up 500 points, dumping them all on one item, then crying when another thing they want comes up, everyone gets so many points so they will know that next run they will have another chance at loot.
  • There are also many ways to make it fair to prevent people from just yelling out “all my points” from the start, something that would not be all that uncommon in this system. By setting a maximum bid increment, say 5, you will stop DarkLordFlatulence from taking all of the gear and all of the hopes and dreams of the guild.

Disadvantages Edit

  • If you do use this system, though, be wary; Warriors and Priests will hate it, because they won’t get as much loot as they normally would, which to many people is the only reason to play a Warrior or Priest.

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