Polar furbolg
Character classesChampion, Shaman, Elder Shaman, Tracker, Ursa Warrior,[1] Archer[citation needed]
Racial capitalGrizzlemaw
Racial leader(s)Baergar Blackpaw
Racial mountNone
Primary language(s)Ursine
Average heightUnknown
Pilt:Polar furbolgWC3.gif

Furbolgs from Northrend with white fur are called polar furbolg.[2][1] However, not all furbolgs in Northrend are polar furbolgs.


Polar furbolgs are white (an analogy to polar bears).[2] In Warcraft III, polar furbolgs are white or very light colored (white with light pink shade, etc).[1]

Wrath of the Lich KingEdit

The Frostpaw tribe represents polar furbolg in WoW.[citation needed]

See the furbolg article for polar furbolg tribes.


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