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As priests are mana based spell-casters, their abilities vary greatly. This is dependent on choices of specialization. For instance healers focus more on healing, protection, buffing and the removal of harmful buffs, wheres Shadow priests are experts in direct and damage over time, as well as indirect healing.

Core abilities Edit

Pilt:Shadow Word Pain TCG.jpg
Pilt:Power Word Shield.jpg
Icon Ability Min Level
32px [Shoot] Starts with
32px [Smite] Starts with
32px [Shadow Word: Pain] 3
32px [Power Word: Shield] 5
32px [Flash Heal] 7
32px [Inner Fire] 9
32px [Divine Focus] 10
32px [Psychic Scream] 12
32px [Resurrection] 18
32px [Power Word: Fortitude] 22
32px [Fade] 24
32px [Dispel Magic] 26
32px [Renew] 26
32px [Shackle Undead] 32
Icon Ability Min Level
32px [Levitate] 34
32px [Mind Vision] 42
32px [Shadowfiend] 42
32px [Shadow Word: Death] 46
32px [Binding Heal] 48
32px [Mysticism] 50
32px [Fear Ward] 54
32px [Hymn of Hope] 66
32px [Prayer of Mending] 68
32px [Mass Dispel] 72
32px [Mind Sear] 76
32px [Inner Will] 80
32px [Leap of Faith] 84
32px [Void Shift] 87

Glyph-taught Edit

Icon Ability Source
32px [Holy Nova] Glyph of Holy Nova
32px [Confession] Glyph of Confession

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