Horde Crest{{#set:Quest faction=Horde}} Quest name::Desperate Research
StartCommoners in capital cities
EndGrand Apothecary Putress
Levelquest level::70
CategoryScourge Invasion


Speak with Grand Apothecary Putress in the new apothecary camp at the Terrace of Light in Shattrath.


<name>, the Lich King plagues us with invasion. To beat him back to his frozen throne, the Horde and Alliance must stand resolute together. In Shattrath, in the Terrace of Light, that alliance has been struck.

To aid our struggle against the Lich King, go to the new apothecary camp in the Terrace of Light and speak with Grand Apothecary Putress. He leads desperate research to end the zombie plague. His cure is our salvation.

Be swift, <name>. Each moment passed is another innocent life lost.


You will receive: 44s



Greetings, brother. You may have come on behalf of the Argent Dawn, but that is not why you are here—you are here to help your people earn the respect we so justly deserve. As any forsaken will agree, the end justifies the means, and our research into the zombie plague's cure is that proverb in practice...


What a fine, robust specimen you are. We have many experiments to perform and our stable of volunteers is nearly bankrupt. Fresh blood is welcome blood indeed, and I'm sure someone of your stature has blood to spare...

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