Neutral{{#set:Quest faction=Neutral}} Quest name::Finding the Keymaster
StartArchmage Vargoth
EndArchmage Vargoth
Levelquest level::69 (Requires 67)
Rewards4g 10s
NextCapturing the Keystone
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Objective Edit

Locate Apex and obtain Apex's Crystal Focus from him. Return to the Violet Tower and use Apex's Crystal Focus near Archmage Vargoth's Orb to discover who holds the key to breaking the tower's curse.

  • Discover the Keymaster's identity: 0/1

Details Edit

This quest is the 1st step in a quest chain in Netherstorm. You must complete the quest chain that begins with N [68] The Archmage's Staff to be able to obtain this quest.

Description Edit

In retrospect, I suppose I should've expected Kael'thas's magic to be this robust. He's always been a talented mage, but I've never seen anything like the power he wielded during the attack on the tower.

The ward keeps me from being able to scry out the force holding it in place, but it doesn't preclude you from scrying.

You'll require a focus, though. A crystal-bearing giant named Apex roams the plains to the west of Manaforge Duro. One of its crystals would make an excellent scrying focus.

Completition Edit

<You describe the results of your scrying.>

Commander Sarannis, you say? Hmm...

She's one of Kael'thas's advisors, but certainly not a mage. I remember her from the attack on Kirin'Var Village. I think your impressions are correct, <name>. She's not maintaining the curse personally, but she holds the key to it.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 4g 10s

Quest progressionEdit

A follow up of N [69] Ar'kelos the Guardian.

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