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Levelquest level::18 (Requires 16)
Rewards[Leafblade Dagger] or
[Ghostclaw Tunic]
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Objectives Edit

Eralan in Tranquillien wants you to retrieve the Archeologist's Shrunken Head from one of the chests in Zeb'Tela or Zeb'Nowa.

Description Edit

Remember how I told you about the fat merchant who was looking for that ring? As it turns out, he had his archeologist son looking for the thing and it didn't turn out so well. By not so well I mean they killed him and shrunk his head.

Now this might seem cold, calculating, and exceptionally callous, but he'd pay a lot to get his son's head back. Sounds like the perfect job for you!

Go east until you find the troll ruins of Zeb'Tela and Zeb'Nowa. You're bound to find it one of the chests there.

Progress Edit

How's the head hunting?

Completion Edit

Oh, wow. That is not pretty. I'm sure the merchant will appreciate it more than me.

As payment, the merchant offered to buy one of my special stock items for you, so take your pick handsome!

Reward Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards

Gains Edit

  • 1350 XP (or 8s 40c at level 70)

Quest progression Edit

  1. H 18px [16] A Discreet Inquiry
  2. H 18px [18] Greed
  3. H 18px [18] The Sad Truth

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