Ramstein the Gorger
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Race race::Abomination
Level NPC level::61 Elite
Location Stratholme
Status Killable
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Ramstein the Gorger is a level 61 elite abomination living in the burning city of Stratholme under the command of the Scourge.

Like all abominations he is not particularly intelligent, and relying on his sense of tactics is an exceptionally poor idea. He is fearless, tenacious, and resilient, capable of pressing his advantage in combat for hours without growing weary or weak. He is responsible for the death of thousands, including ranger lord Nathanos Marris. Marris, now undead and working for the Forsaken under the name Nathanos Blightcaller, wants Ramstein killed.

His name may be a reference to the real world German band Rammstein, or to Ramstein-Miesenbach, a small town in Germany. It may also be a reference to the air show disaster at the town of Ramstein, particularly considering the Lightning Bolts drop. Also Ramstein with two m's means Battering Ram or Ramming Stone.


Ramstein hits like a truck but moves exceptionally slowly. From time to time he will stun the tank and go for a random target. Because of this, it's best to fight him in an open area. He moves so slowly that it's easy to stay out of the way until the tank recovers and regains aggro. In an enclosed space, someone will most likely die.





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