For a list of reagent vendors see the reagent vendors category

A reagent vendor is an NPC in a city or town who sells reagents, items that are required in order to cast a specific spell or use a specific ability. Casting the spell/ability will consume the reagent.

When using the tracking system with the minimap they will appear with a reagent looking icon (Pilt:MiniIcon Reagent.png) at their locations.

The most common items sold by these vendors are:

Item In stacks of
16px [Ankh]1
16px [Arcane Powder]1
16px [Ashwood Seed]1
16px [Corpse Dust]1
16px [Crystal Vial]5
16px [Demonic Figurine]1
16px [Devout Candle]1
16px [Empty Vial]5
16px [Enchanted Vial]5
16px [Flintweed Seed]1
16px [Holy Candle]1
16px [Hornbeam Seed]1
16px [Imbued Vial]5
16px [Infernal Stone]1
16px [Ironwood Seed]1
16px [Leaded Vial]5
16px [Maple Seed]1
16px [Rune of Portals]1
16px [Rune of Teleportation]1
16px [Sacred Candle]1
16px [Starleaf Seed]1
16px [Stranglethorn Seed]1
16px [Symbol of Divinity]1
16px [Symbol of Kings]20
16px [Wild Berries]1
16px [Wild Quillvine]1
16px [Wild Spineleaf]1
16px [Wild Thornroot]1

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