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This item is created with Inscription (350); taught by [Technique: Rituals of the New Moon].

Materials required:
5x [Ink of the Sea] 10x Resilient Parchment
3x [Eternal Shadow]


  • There are different colors on the wolf-model you get when using this book. The colors are red, white, black, or grey. Each book has its "own color"; it will transform the player into the same model each time. The model a book is able to give is chosen randomly when the book is made. The color of the model a book is able to give is written in the Use:-text (for example:"Transform into a giant white wolf.").
  • The buff has a 2 minute duration.
  • When transformed, you are pacified and silenced. You can, however, still do things like using or creating items.
  • Even though the books give different colors, they all share the same cooldown.
  • If you are transformed and un-equip the book, the buff will be dispelled.


  • There are several items with similar effects, some easier to obtain than others.
  • Often incorrectly credited as a reference to the Twilight Saga, it has been pointed out by many players that author Stephanie Meyers did not "invent" the new moon, nor did she coin the term.

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