Rogues abilities are used in order to both deal damage and attempt to avoid it.

The majority of rogue abilities fall into one of three categories: Opening moves - Openers are what every rogue should begin a fight with. These powerful attacks are only usable while Stealthed and break the Stealth effect upon use. A common tactic for burst damage is to open on the enemy, Vanish, and open again. A few examples are Ambush, Cheap Shot, and Garrote.

Combo moves - These moves are the bread and butter of a rogue. Combo moves generate Combo points, which are required to use a finishing move. They deal the majority of your damage and fill the void between your openers and your finishers. A few examples are Sinister Strike, Mutilate, and Hemorrhage.

Finishing moves - These are the rogue's strongest attacks. They require Combo points to use and increase in effect depending upon the number of Combo points you have on the target. A good rogue will need to learn to use the right finishers at the right time, as there are a lot of them. A few examples are Eviscerate, Envenom, and Rupture.

In addition to these combat moves, rogues have a number of other abilities, such as Distract, Stealth, and Pick Pocket.

Core abilities Edit

Icon Ability Min Level
32px [Dual Wield] Starts with
32px [Sinister Strike] Starts with
32px [Throw] Starts with
32px [Parry] Starts with
32px [Eviscerate] 3
32px [Stealth] 5
32px [Ambush] 6
32px [Evasion] 8
32px [Deadly Poison] 10
32px [Sap] 12
32px [Slice and Dice] 14
32px [Pick Pocket] 15
32px [Recuperate] 16
32px [Kick] 18
32px [Crippling Poison] 20
32px [Gouge] 22
32px [Pick Lock] 24
32px [Sprint] 26
32px [Distract] 28
32px [Mind-numbing Poison] 28
32px [Cheap Shot] 30
32px [Wound Poison] 30
32px [Swiftblade's Cunning] 30
32px [Vanish] 34
Icon Ability Min Level
32px [Expose Armor] 36
32px [Blind] 38
32px [Kidney Shot] 40
32px [Detect Traps] 42
32px [Feint] 44
32px [Rupture] 46
32px [Garrote] 46
32px [Safe Fall] 48
32px [Leather Specialization] 50
32px [Dismantle] 52
32px [Relentless Strikes] 54
32px [Disarm Trap] 56
32px [Cloak of Shadows] 58
32px [Fleet Footed] 62
32px [Master Poisoner] 64
32px [Fan of Knives] 66
32px [Preparation] 68
32px [Shadow Walk] 72
32px [Shiv] 74
32px [Shroud of Concealment] 76
32px [Tricks of the Trade] 78
32px [Redirect] 81
32px [Crimson Tempest] 83
32px [Smoke Bomb] 85
32px [Shadow Blades] 87

Glyph-taught abilities Edit

Icon Ability Source
32px [Detection] Glyph of Detection