A swashbuckler who uses agility and guile to stand toe-to-toe with enemies.
- Official description
Stat priority
  • Agility
  • Hit Rating / Expertise Rating (both 7.5%)
  • Haste Rating
  • Mastery Rating
  • Critical Strike Rating
Pilt:Blade Flurry TCG.jpg
Icon Ability Min Level
32px [Ambidexterity] 10
32px [Vitality] 10
32px [Blade Flurry] 10
32px [Revealing Strike] 20
32px [Combat Potency] 30
Icon Ability Min Level
32px [Adrenaline Rush] 40
32px [Restless Blades] 50
32px [Bandit's Guile] 60
32px [Killing Spree] 80
32px [Mastery: Main Gauche] 80

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