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A dark stalker who leaps from the shadows to ambush unsuspecting prey.
- Official description
Stat priority


  • Hit Rating (7.5%)
  • Expertise Rating (7.5%)
  • Haste Rating
  • Critical Strike Rating
  • Mastery Rating
Icon Ability Min Level
32px [Hemorrhage] 10
32px [Master of Subtlety] 10
32px [Sinister Calling] 10
32px [Find Weakness] 20
32px [Premeditation] 30
32px [Backstab] 40
Icon Ability Min Level
32px [Honor Among Thieves] 50
32px [Sanguinary Vein] 60
32px [Energetic Recovery] 70
32px [Shadow Dance] 80
32px [Mastery: Executioner] 80

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