Ru'sad is a scourge necromancer in charge of the undead forces found in Zul'Aman. He was under command of leaders in Stratholme. He was interested in killing the high elves found there, to prevent them from rejoining any high elves in Hillsbrad or Khaz Modan, in order to prevent them from reviving the Sunwell. He had sent gargoyles, ghouls, and zombies into the jungles to look for them. Brann killed one of these gargoyles during his journey in Zul'aman and found a letter written by Ru'sad on its corpse, giving hints that the lost and scattered high elves, still had importance.[1]

Ru'sad's letterEdit

To my illustrious masters,
I regret to inform you that several Quel’dorei
bands still wander loose in Zul’Aman. The elves know
forests better than I, and the ghouls and zombies
make a fearsome amount of noise trudging through
the overgrowth. The gargoyles are somewhat more
helpful; they allowed me to discover one refugee
group and kill them as they slept. However, I
respectfully request additional support. Incorporeal
troops — shades or ghosts, perhaps — would be
particularly useful.
Despite the current problems, I am confident that
it is only a matter of time before we finally destroy
the elves. They will not join with their allies in
Hillsbrad or Khaz Modan. They will not rally
together. They will not revive the Sunwell.
Necromancer Ru'sad

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