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This ability enables the huntress to see through the eyes of her owl familiar, allowing her to spy on enemy positions. The owl will perch at a tree permanently, unless the tree is destroyed.W3Man 58

A sentinel, elven ranger or huntress can create a visible, magical sensor in the form of a bird. The caster chooses the bird’s form (owl or otherwise), but it is always diminutive in size. This spell must target a tree. The bird-shaped sensor appears on the tree and remains stationary where it is cast, though it can move its head. The caster concentrates on the sentinel to see through the bird’s eyes and hear through its ears from any distance. The bird sees and hears exactly what caster would see and hear if he were present. A caster must concentrate to use a sentinel. If he does not concentrate, the bird remains motionless until he resumes concentrating. A destroyed sentinel is dispelled. A creature that spots a sentinel may notice that the bird seems artificial.WoWRPG 335


  • Sentinel was an upgrade ability first seen in Warcraft III Huntress.

Pilt:Spell Nature Sentinal.png Sentinel

Send owl companion to a nearby tree and provide vision. Can see invisible units. Each Huntress only gets one Sentinel to use on a tree. So, once your Huntress uses her owl, she cannot get another one.

Research CostResearched AtRequirementsUpgrade Time
gold (WC3)100 wood (WC3)100Ancient of WarHunter's Hall, Tree of Ages20 sec.
DurationCooldownMana CostRangeArea of EffectAllowed TargetsEffect
UnlimitedNoneNoneN/A90TreeReveals Map and invisible units