Neutral Shadow Council
Main leaderGul'dan (Deceased), Grandmaster Vorpil (Outland), Fel'dan (Azeroth)
Secondary leadersCho'gall (Apprentice of Gul'dan), Blackhand (Gul'dan's puppet), Lord Banehollow (Inner Circle), Athrikus Narassin (Cult of the Dark Strand), Nagaz (Argus Wake), Neeru Fireblade (Burning Blade), Jergosh the Invoker (Searing Blade), Taragaman the Hungerer (Searing Blade), Bazzalan (Searing Blade)
Race(s)Orcs (majority), Broken, Ogre mages, various Legion races and those who serve them
CapitalBlack Temple (lost), Shadow Labyrinth (Outland)
Other major citiesJaedenar (Azeroth)
Main languageOrcish
Secondary languagesEredun (presumed)
Theater of operationsN/A

The Shadow Council is a group of mortal warlocks that serve the demons of the Burning Legion.

History Edit

Formation Edit

When Gul'dan supplanted Ner'zhul as Kil'jaeden's favorite pawn, he began to reorganize the clans into a single engine of destruction. To this end, he promoted a public figurehead, Blackhand of the Blackrock clan to the new position of Warchief. Though Blackhand was cunning, he lacked the loyalty to Kil'jaeden and deviousness needed to drive the Horde. Thus, Gul'dan secretly brought together a collection of warlocks, necrolytes, chieftains, and even the occasional ogre into a clandestine council — the Shadow Council.

The original purpose of the Council was to ensure the stability of the Horde in their quest to destroy the draenei, manipulate the clans and spread the use of warlock magics. When the time came, the Shadow Council fed the blood of Mannoroth to the clans, apart from the Frostwolf clan (whose chieftain, Durotan, forbade them from partaking) and a few other individuals.

The Council made their headquarters at the Black Temple and oversaw the destruction of the draenei until Kil'jaeden mysteriously vanished. As the Horde began to fragment, the Shadow Council was contacted by Medivh, who offered a new world to plunder.

The First War Edit

The Shadow Council operated a number of the Horde's workings during the war effort against the Kingdom of Azeroth. But their time was near.

King Llane Wrynn was assassinated by one of the Shadow Council's finest killers: the half-orc, Garona. Following the death of Medivh, Gul'dan was incapacitated for several weeks. During this time, Orgrim Doomhammer killed Blackhand the Destroyer and seized the mantle of Warchief. He captured and tortured Garona to learn of the existence of the Shadow Council, and sensing it threatened his position, launched an attack on Gul'dan's citadel near the ruins of Azeroth, annihilating most of the warlocks of the Council. Their spirits were subsequently imbued into the death knights.

Beyond the Second Invasion Edit

Even in the aftermath of the second invasion of the Burning Legion, the Shadow Council still remains. It is not clear how the Council was reformed after the death of most of their members, including Gul'dan. It is known that some of its members, including Vorpil and Blackheart, survived by hiding in Auchindoun. The current Shadow Council now includes members of all races, provided they possess the ideology of acceptance of the tenets of the Burning Legion.

In the Burning Crusade Edit

TBC This section concerns content exclusive to The Burning Crusade.

It appears a group of Shadow Council operatives has been operating in the relative open areas of Grangol'var Village, Terokkar Forest and Deathforge, Shadowmoon Valley. They have been discovered by both Alliance and Horde forces who have sent adventurers to help clear them out.[1][2]

Structure and operations Edit

The shape of the original Shadow Council is unclear. Gul'dan is described as a "warlock of the Inner Circle" (also an "initiate of the Seventh Circle"[3]) and Cho'Gall as an "initiate of the Fifth." This means that there are at least five circles of the Shadow Council, the Inner Circle being the Seventh.

The hold of the current Shadow Council is extensive; they control cell-based organizations throughout Kalimdor including the Burning Blade and Searing Blade cults, which utilize the powers of the Demon Seed. Agents of the Council have even infiltrated areas of the Orcish capital city of Orgrimmar. It is also revealed from a questline in Darkshore that the Cult of the Dark Strand is another branch of the Shadow Council, and certain clues, like Argus Wake members they employ, Marez Cowl, and Darbel Montrose, lead some to believe that the Syndicate may be affiliated, if maybe loosely, with the Council. The Shadow Council is also present at Jaedenar in Felwood, Grangol'var Village in Terokkar Forest, and Kil'sorrow Fortress in Nagrand. Its headquarters are in the Shadow Labyrinth of Auchindoun.

Cults and groups currently directed by the Shadow Council Edit

"Many cults exist within the Council, but only to hide its actions against the foolish. Groups like the Burning Blade, the Argus Wake, and the Searing Blade are tools of the Council. Consider them one and the same."

Note that most Shadow Council members are orcs; although they worship demons, they are not fel orcs.

Known members Edit

Name Location Sub-Cult
Pilt:IconSmall Gul'dan.gif Gul'dan (deceased) Spirit in Altar of Damnation Shadowmoon Valley TBC
Combat Pilt:IconSmall Teron.gif Teron Gorefiend Black Temple Shadowmoon Valley TBC
Combat Pilt:IconSmall Kargath.gif Kargath Bladefist Shattered Halls Hellfire Citadel, Hellfire Peninsula TBC
Pilt:IconSmall Cho'gall.gif Cho'gall
Combat Human female Darbel Montrose Stromgarde Keep Arathi Highlands Argus Wake
Combat Orc female Marez Cowl Stromgarde Keep Arathi Highlands Argus Wake
Combat NightElf male Tyranis Malem Thunder Axe Fortress Desolace
Pilt:IconSmall Garona.gif Garona Halforcen
Combat Orc male Grandmaster Vorpil Shadow Labyrinth Auchindoun, Terokkar Forest TBC Cabal
Combat Pilt:IconSmall Ogre Mage.gif Blackheart the Inciter Shadow Labyrinth Auchindoun, Terokkar Forest TBC Cabal
Neutral Pilt:IconSmall Dreadlord.gif Lord Banehollow Jaedenar Felwood
Combat Pilt:IconSmall Satyr.gif Prince Xavalis Shadow Hold Felwood
Combat Pilt:IconSmall Satyr.gif Bazzalan Ragefire Chasm Orgrimmar Searing Blade
Combat Goblin male Fizzle Darkstorm Thunder Ridge Durotar Burning Blade
Combat Pilt:IconSmall Satyr.gif Delmanis the Hated Tower of Althalaxx Darkshore Cult of the Dark Strand
Combat Orc male Fel'dan Jaedenar Felwood
Combat Pilt:IconSmall Succubus.gif Moora Jaedenar Felwood
Combat Pilt:IconSmall Succubus.gif Salia Jaedenar Felwood
Combat Pilt:IconSmall Succubus.gif Rakaiah Jaedenar Felwood
Combat Orc male Ulathek Jaedenar Felwood
Combat Orc male Jugkar Grim'Rod Mannoroc Coven Desolace
Horde Orc male Neeru Fireblade Cleft of Shadow Orgrimmar Burning Blade
Horde BloodElf female Braelyn Firehand Sun Rock Retreat Stonetalon Mountains
Combat Orc male Gazz'uz Skull Rock Durotar Burning Blade
Combat Orc male Jergosh the Invoker Ragefire Chasm Orgrimmar Searing Blade
Combat Orc male Ilkrud Magthrull Fire Scar Shrine Ashenvale Cult of the Dark Strand
Combat Orc male Nagaz Dandred's Fold Alterac Mountains Argus Wake
Combat Highborne male Athrikus Narassin Tower of Althalaxx Darkshore Cult of the Dark Strand
Combat Pilt:IconSmall Felguard.gif Rathorian Dreadmist Den Dreadmist Peak, The Barrens Burning Blade
Combat Pilt:IconSmall Felguard.gif Taragaman the Hungerer Ragefire Chasm Orgrimmar Searing Blade
Combat Undead male Sarilus Foulborne Dreadmist Peak, The Barrens Burning Blade
Combat Man'ari male Warbringer Razuun Deathforge Shadowmoon Valley TBC
Combat Undead male Doctor Maleficus Shadowmoon Valley TBC
Combat Orc male Yarrog Baneshadow Valley of Trials Durotar Burning Blade
Combat Undead male Doctor Gutrick Shadowmoon Valley TBC
Combat Orc male Shadowmaster Grieve Terokkar Forest TBC
Combat Orc male Jugkar Grim'rod Mannoroc Coven Desolace Burning Blade
Combat Pilt:IconSmall Shivarra.gif Giselda the Crone Kil'sorrow Fortress Nagrand TBC

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Connection to the Council of the Black Harvest Edit

This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

After the Catclysm, evidence and rumors of a new powerful warlock directed group have arisen from the ashes of Deathwing's defeat. This organization, known as the Council of the Black Harvest, currently has no known direct connections to the Shadow Council, but they have been known to have visited the Black Temple for some reason. Since the Black Temple was once the main headquarters of the Shadow Council in Outland, the connection is disturbing.

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