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  • Shadow Pearl
  • Item Level 40Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Sell Price: 10s

Shadow Pearl is a rare pearl found inside the [Jaggal Clam]s, dropped by the naga of Zangarmarsh, and has a chance to be found in [Bag of Fishing Treasures]. It is an ingredient in jewelcrafting recipes.

Shadow Pearl as an ingredientEdit

Jewelcrafting recipes using Shadow Pearls
Skill Item Ingredients Tools Source
330 The Black Pearl 1 16px [Shadow Pearl], 1 Mercurial Adamantite Jeweler's Kit Trainer
330 16px [Necklace of the Deep] 3 16px [Mote of Water], 10 16px [Jaggal Pearl], 1 16px [Shadow Pearl] Jeweler's Kit Trainer
350 Purified Shadow Pearl 1 16px [Shadow Pearl], 1 Purified Draenic Water Simple Grinder Trainer
365 Crown of the Sea Witch 12 16px [Khorium Bar], 4 Mercurial Adamantite, 20 16px [Jaggal Pearl], 3 16px [Shadow Pearl] Jeweler's Kit Trainer

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