Contested{{#set:Faction=Contested}} Shadowmoon Valley
Level Level range::67-70
CapitalBlack Temple
RacesDemonDemonDemonDemon Demon
Fel orcFel orc Fel orc
NagaNaga Naga
Blood elfBlood elf Blood elf
Night elfNight elf Night elf
DraeneiDraenei Draenei
OrcOrc Orc
Wildhammer DwarfWildhammer dwarf Wildhammer dwarf
Netherwing dragonflightNetherwing dragonflightNetherwing dragonflightNetherwing dragonflight Netherwing dragonflight
RulerIllidan Stormrage
Major settlementsWildhammer Stronghold
Legion Hold
Shadowmoon Village
Dragonmaw Fortress
LocationSoutheastern Outland

Shadowmoon Valley is found in southeastern Outland, east of Terokkar Forest. It is the location of the Black Temple (where Illidan Stormrage resides), and also houses a dwarven settlement named after (and led by) Kurdran Wildhammer, as well as the prison where Illidan's former jailor, Maiev Shadowsong, is held captive.

History Edit


In addition to being the location of Illidan's Black Temple, the region gave name to Ner'zhul's Shadowmoon Clan, who once had their holdings there. Prior to destruction of Draenor, the north shore of the region was known as the Skeletal Coast. says the following about the Shadowmoon Valley:

This valley is a grim spectacle of demonic magic run amok. Day and night, molten fel energy erupts from the land and lights the sky with bilious green flame. To the east lies the Black Temple, Illidan Stormrage's seat of power. With the Dark Portal reopened, Illidan and his allies struggle to hold off Legion reinforcements and keep all other Outland portals closed.

Geography Edit

Shadowmoon Valley is a barren wasteland of rock and ash, with little vegetation. The Hand of Gul'dan volcano dominates the center, from which green lava erupts.

The Alliance and Horde each have a settlement here, as do the Aldor and Scryers.

The valley contains one raid instance (the Black Temple) and several elite areas.

Maps and subregions Edit

Pilt:WoW Icon 16x16.gif In-game
Skeletal Coast

Dungeons Edit

Dungeon Name Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
Instance portal Black Temple 70+ 25-man Unknown

Elite areas Edit

Travel hubs Edit

Pilt:Ruins of Baa'ri.jpg
Alliance Wildhammer Stronghold
Horde Shadowmoon Village
Aldor Altar of Sha'tar
Scryers Sanctum of the Stars

Adjacent regions Edit

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Terokkar Forest AllianceHorde 62-65 West Normal

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