• Shadowsong Amethyst
  • Item Level 70Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Sell Price: 5g

Burning Crusade epic gems can be bought from Shaani for 15 Badge of Justice, mined from Ancient Gem Veins in Hyjal Summit, or drop from trash mobs in the Black Temple and Sunwell Plateau. They can also occasionally be found inside of Brilliant Glass created by Jewelcrafters. The Jewels crafted from this gem match Pilt:UI-EmptySocket-Blue.png blue or Pilt:UI-EmptySocket-Red.png red sockets.

Shadowsong Amethyst as an ingredient Edit

Jewelcrafting Edit

Shadowsong Amethyst, match Pilt:UI-EmptySocket-Red.png red and Pilt:UI-EmptySocket-Blue.png blue sockets.
Gem Effects
Balanced Shadowsong Amethyst +10 Attack Power and +7 Stamina
Glowing Shadowsong Amethyst +6 Spell Damage and +7 Stamina
Infused Shadowsong Amethyst +10 Attack Power & +2 Mana per 5 Seconds
Purified Shadowsong Amethyst +11 Healing +4 Spell Damage and +5 Spirit
Royal Shadowsong Amethyst +11 Healing +4 Spell Damage and +2 Mana every 5 seconds
Shifting Shadowsong Amethyst +5 Agility and +7 Stamina
Sovereign Shadowsong Amethyst +5 Strength and +7 Stamina

Jewelcrafting Edit

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