The Shadowsword are an organization of Felblood elves who are loyal to Kael'thas and the Burning Legion.

The Shadowsword Elves use the Sunwell Plateau as their main headquarters and base of operations, some also reside in the Sunblade controlled Magister's Terrace in order to trade communications with the other elven forces, other than that, all but one ever appear outside the Plateau.

The Shadowsword are responsible for kidnapping M'uru from his secret chamber inside the Blood Knight headquarters in the Silvermoon City section of Farstriders' Square. They battle against the heroes of the Shattered Sun Offensive that make it past the empowered Sunblade forces inside Sunwell Plateau, the Shadowsword armies do not appear until after the raiders complete the Dead Scar.

The Shadowsword contains many different types of troops and guards, a fine example is the Shadowsword Guardian an enormous fel-reaver that guards the halls of the plateau, the one thing that remains common, is that all their soldiers are Felblood or Demonic in some way.

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