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Shards of the Alliance
Shards of the Alliance
Conflict: Terror of the Tides
Place: Pyrewood Village, Silverpine Forest
Outcome: Pyrrhic Night Elf Victory.
  • Random Dreadlord
  • Random Lich

Night Elves:

Blood Elves:

  • Very light, Tyrande goes MIA
  • Heavy
This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and official bonus maps.

Shards of the Alliance is chapter 6 of Terror of the Tides. It was a series of small fights between members of the Night Elf expedition to Lordaeron led by Maiev and Tyrande and a small band of Blood Elves led by Kael against Scourge raiding parties.


After, when the night elves landed at Silverpine Forest, in Lordaeron, Maiev talked with Tyrande:

Maiev Shadowsong: Our forces are ready to move out soon, altought we still know next to nothing about this strange land Illidan has run to.
Malfurion Stormrage came to them
'Malfurion Stormrage: This land called Lordaeron,Maiev. It is the homeland of the Alliance that aided us at Battle for the Mount Hyjal. I told that its kindoms-- both human and elven-- were consumed by the Undead Scourge.
These forests have suffered grievously. I must leave you both for a time. I will enter the woods and attempt to commune with the land itself.
Maiev Shadowsong: While you are gone, we'll set out and try to pick up Illidan's trail.
'Malfurion Stormrage: I expect you both to stay focused on your task. You can settle your personal dispute after we found my brother.
Maiev Shadowsong: Of course, Shan'do. We best get moving.


Tyrande and Maiev moved south and found a raged village
Tyrande Whisperwind: It was an Alliance encampment. The attack must have come recently.
Blood elf Swordsman: Starngers milord! They are not apear to be undead, but....
A young, mage-like elf came tom them.
Prince Kael'thas: Ishnu'alah, night elves. I am Prince Kael'thas. I must admit. I'm surprised to see your kind here. But whatever is your business, I fear you will find only death and shadow in this cursed land.