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Skeletal Flayers are hostile level 50 - 51 Skeletons found in the Western Plaguelands.

They are the basic footsoldier of the Scourge's offense. Due to their close proximity to Chillwind Camp they are one of the first monsters you will encounter in the region.

Backed up by ghouls, they maintain a hold on the two locations closest to the Argent Dawn camps: The Bulwark and Chillwind Point. They can be found in either Sorrow Hill or Felstone Field regions in the Western Plaguelands.

They are the basic minions of the Scourge army and sometime drop a Minion's Scourgestone, as well as dropping bone fragments and runecloth. As the lowest-level mob to provide Argent Dawn reputation and drop Scourgestones, the Skeletal Flayer previously held the title of the most killed mob in game, but has since been surpassed by others in the expansions. They tend to be farmed by paladins using Holy Wrath.

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Reputation: 5 Point with Argent Dawn



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