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Smith is usually an abbreviation for "blacksmith", but can refer to many different types of metal-crafting trades. Most smithing vendors should have the ability to repair.

Smith titles Edit

NPC trainers and vendors have several common titles you can identify them with. A few mobs even have smithing titles.

<Apprentice Armorer>, <Armorer>, <Armorer & Shieldcrafter>,
<Armorer & Shieldsmith>, <Armorsmith>, <Armorsmith & Blacksmithing Supplies>,
<Armorsmith Trainer>, <Blackhand Legion Armorsmith>, <Night Elf Armorer>,
<Shield Crafter>, <Superior Armorer>, <Superior Armorsmith>,
<Weapons & Armorsmith>, <Weaponsmith & Armorcrafter>, <Weaponsmith & Armorer>
<Apprentice Blacksmith>, <Blacksmith>, <Blacksmithing & Engineering Supplies>,
<Blacksmithing Trainer>, <Grand Master Blacksmithing Trainer>, <Master Blacksmith>,
<Master Blacksmithing Trainer>, <Metalsmith>, <The Blacksmith>
<Apprentice Weaponsmith>, <Axecrafter>, <Axesmith>,
<Macecrafter>, <Spearcrafter>, <Superior Axecrafter>,
<Superior Macecrafter>, <Weapons & Armorsmith>, <Weaponsmith>,
<Weaponsmith & Armorcrafter>, <Weaponsmith & Armorer>, <Weaponsmith & Gunsmith>,
<Weaponsmith Trainer>

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