• Springy Arachnoweave
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  • Requires: Engineering (380)
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  • Permanently attaches a springy arachnoweave to a cloak, allowing you to turn the cloak into a parachute to fall slowly for 30 sec.

    The cloak can only be used once a minute and requires an Engineering skill of at least 350.
  • 5 sec cast

Springy Arachnoweave is an engineer-only permanent "enchant" to cloaks. It will give a 30 second parachute every 60 seconds. As of 4.0.1 this no longer takes a spot as an enchant, this means both an engineering enchant and a regular enchant can be present on one item.

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The recipe for this tinker is learned from Grand Master Engineering trainers.

Arclight Spanner
Materials required:
12x [Frostweave Cloth] [Overcharged Capacitor]

Patch changes Edit

            Old was 18 spell power and 10 seconds of Slowfall.

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