Sunwalkers is the name of the order of tauren paladins.[1][2]

An'she the sun god and the sun itself are the tauren interpretations of the Light. An'she or the sun may be an aspect, representation, or avatar of the Holy Light (or vice versa). An'she is a solar god whose nature is similar to that of Elune, and thus tauren priests and paladins will channel his powers.

The in-game conversation between Thunder Bluff NPCs Aponi Brightmane and Tahu Sagewind suggests the tauren may be able to draw power from the sun, An'she, like the druids draw power from the moon, Mu'sha.

This is further supported by the tauren having no history with the Holy Light, it is likely that their power comes from another source entirely, similar to night elf priests gaining their powers from Elune and troll priests gaining their powers from the Loa. Thus their in-game abilities would be equivalent to those of human, dwarf, draenei and blood elf paladins, even though the source of their power is different.

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