The Terrace of Light is where the Sha'tar, including A'dal, and Khadgar reside. It was once heavily defended by the Aldor, but now it is defended by the city's newest faction who has taken up residence in the Terrace of Light, the Shattered Sun Offensive. A naaru NPC here will take Heroic Mode instance tokens in exchange for epic items.

Archmage Khadgar has created portals to the eight major cities in Azeroth: Darnassus, the Exodar, Ironforge, Orgrimmar, Silvermoon City, Stormwind City, Thunder Bluff, and the Undercity. Any character can use any portal of their own faction. There is a portal trainer in the middle of the city, affiliated with the Sha'tar faction. Mages are able to learn a teleport spell to Shattrath at level 60 and a portal spell at level 65. Additionally, after completing the quest N [70 Daily] Intercepting the Mana Cells enough times, Exarch Nasuun creates a portal to the Isle of Quel'Danas.

The Aldor and Scryers factions each have a bank that contains the faction's quartermaster and their shoulder slot enchant vendor in the Terrace of Light. Allegiance to one faction will result in the loss of access to the other's bank.

The flight point for the city is in the neutral section of the city. There is not an auction house for either faction in Shattrath City, nor are there any class trainers.

Cataclysm changes Edit

With patch 4.0.3 the portals will be replaced by class trainers.

BloodElf male Blood Knight Argaron <Paladin Trainer>
BloodElf male Tarlhir <Warrior Trainer>
BloodElf male Pathstalker Arpalir <Rogue Trainer>
BloodElf female Derithela <Hunter Trainer>
BloodElf male Summoner Durael <Warlock Trainer>
BloodElf female Matron Ismara <Priest Trainer>
BloodElf female Alaressa <Mage Trainer>
Draenei male Raluhi <Mage Trainer>
Broken male Darahu <Shaman Trainer>
Draenei male Salha <Priest Trainer>
Draenei female Ordo <Paladin Trainer>
Draenei female Bratu <Warrior Trainer>
Draenei female Irva <Hunter Trainer>
Pilt:IconSmall Ethereal.gif Windstalker Ifram <Rogue Trainer>
NightElf male Baelir <Druid Trainer>
Tauren female Muha <Druid Trainer>
Broken male Luknar <Shaman Trainer>
Broken male Fel-Caller Guloto <Warlock Trainer>
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