The Art of Warcraft
Author(s)Jeff Green, Bart G. Farkas
PublishedJuly 4, 2002
BindingHardback & Paperback
Retail priceUS:


ISBN 10:ISBN 0744000815 & ISBN ???
ISBN 13:ISBN 9780744000818 & ISBN ???

The Art of Warcraft artbook was originally distributed in the Warcraft III Collectors Edition, which was sold for a limited time in 2002. The artbook was later offered for purchase as a single item with its own ISBN, but like the Collectors Edition of the game, has since gone out of print. However, both the Collector's Edition of Warcraft III and the The Art of Warcraft book can still be found for sale at various book outlets and on auction sites like eBay, in used condition.

The Art of Warcraft is not to be confused with The Art of World of Warcraft.

Availability Edit


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