This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and official bonus maps.
The Butcher
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Race race::Abomination
Affiliation Burning Legion
Occupation Magtheridon's servant
Location Unknown
Status Dead, Slain by Illidan Stormrage

The Butcher was a huge abomination who hid in the recesses of the Black Temple and attacked Kael'thas and Illidan's forces. He gave the item Wirt's Other Leg when he died.

The Butcher is a reference to an earlier Blizzard game, Diablo, which had an early boss with the same name and the same introduction sound. The item he drops, "Wirt's Second Leg", is a reference to an NPC in Diablo who would from time to time refer to this boss who, before the events of the game, attacked and severed one of Wirt's legs. Also, Wirt's wooden leg could be found in Diablo II and used to access the Secret Cow Level.


  • "Ahh, fresh meat!"

Statistics of The Butcher in Warcraft IIIEdit

  • 3300 HP (+181% more than a regular abomination)
  • 500 MP (regular abominations have no MP)
  • 121-130 normal melee damage (+249% more than a regular abomination)
  • 2 heavy armor (same as a regular abomination)
  • Abilities18px
    • Bloodlust (additional damage buff)
    • Evasion (sometimes attacks on him miss)
    • War Stomp (Damages and stuns nearby units)


The Butcher is being compared to an abomination without upgrades.