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"What happens when . . . ?" [TCG src]

The Unstoppable Force is an epic two handed mace obtained from the Stormpike Guard faction, or the Frostwolf Clan faction. It is also the counter to [The Immovable Object].


  • The mace itself is shaped like a pig's head.
  • When The Unstoppable Force was originally released, it had a knockback proc instead of the stun. This was removed shortly after, in keeping with Blizzard's unwillingness to give players knockback.
  • Many players have asked Blizzard what happens when The Unstoppable Force hits [The Immovable Object]. Answers have ranged from "42" to "Chuck Norris dies."
  • World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade added a poor level 64 mace, called [The Stoppable Force], clearly in reference to this epic weapon.

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