This is a list of dates mentioned in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade manual, website, strategy guide, or in the expansion.

  • 25,000 years ago;

Eredar race arose on Argus.[1]

  • 1000 years ago;
War of the Shifting SandsBCMan 6
  • 30 years ago;
Rexxar, left the Mok'Nathal to follow the Horde to Azeroth.
  • 20 years ago;
The events of Beyond the Dark Portal begin.
  • 18 years ago;
Ner'zhul opens the portals on Draenor destroying the world, creating Outland.WoWtBCOSG 3
  • 17 years ago;
Assault on Blackrock Spire. Commander Mograine finds the Dark Crystal during the battle.
  • 7 years ago;
Thrall escapes from Durnholde Keep. Commander Mograine with the help of others turns the Dark Crystal into the Light Crystal.
  • 5 years ago;
Battle of Mount Hyjal[2]
The Frozen Throne.
  • 2 years ago;
Founding of Durotar.BCMan 6
...Shadow Council summoning that resulted in explosion of the once-great mausoleum, Auchindoun, and the formation of the Bone Wastes in southern Terokkar Forest. The Codex of Blood
  • 1 Year ago;
World of Warcraft Begins.
  • Present Time;
The Burning Crusade begins.BCMan 6

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