48px Pilt:Neutral 15.png To All The Squirrels Who Shared My Life Achievement points::10 Achievement points
Show the critters of Azeroth how much you /love them.

To All The Squirrels Who Shared My Life is a general achievement released with patch 3.0.8.

It involves finding all of the critters in the game and using the /love emote on them.


There are many critters throughout Azeroth. Here are the locations of only the ones needed for this achievement.

Combat 17px Arctic HareBorean Tundra, Dragonblight, Zul'Drak
Combat 17px Borean MarmotBorean Tundra
Combat 17px Fjord PenguinSouth of Daggercap Bay, Howling Fjord
Combat 17px Fjord TurkeyHowling Fjord, South of Nifflevar and West of Explorer's League Outpost
Combat 17px Glacier PenguinNortheast Icecrown
Combat 17px Grizzly SquirrelNear Grizzlemaw, Grizzly Hills
Combat 17px HareDurotar
Combat 17px Huge ToadSwamp of Sorrows, Zul'Drak
Combat 17px Lava CrabBurning Steppes, Searing Gorge
Combat 17px Mountain SkunkGrizzly Hills
Combat 17px Scalawag Frog Scalawag Point, Howling Fjord
Combat 17px Sholazar TickbirdSholazar Basin
Combat 17px Tundra PenguinSouth of the Wailing Ziggurat and Unu'pe, Borean Tundra



Here's a macro to spam when you are in the near vicinity of your target critters. The last line is optional, if you want the critter to stay targeted or not.

/tar Arctic Hare
/tar Fjord Penguin
/tar Glacier Penguin
/tar Huge Toad
/tar Mountain Skunk
/tar Sholazar Tickbird
/tar Hare
/tar Borean Marmot
/tar Fjord Turkey
/tar Grizzly Squirrel
/tar Lava Crab
/tar Scalawag Frog
/tar Tundra Penguin
/stopmacro [noexists]


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