AlphaMode can take following values:

  • "DISABLE" - opaque texture
  • "BLEND" - normal painting on top of the background, obeying alpha channels if present in the image (uses alpha)
  • "ALPHAKEY" - one-bit alpha
  • "ADD" - additive blend
  • "MOD" - modulating blend

Examples Edit

Pilt:DISABLE.jpg DISABLE: Ignores alpha channel

Pilt:BLEND.jpg BLEND: Uses alpha channel

Pilt:ALPHAKEY.jpg ALPHAKEY: A 1-bit alpha which interprets alpha as either transparent or opaque.

Pilt:ADD.jpg ADD: Uses alpha channel and dodges whites

Pilt:MOD.jpg MOD: Ignores alpha channel and multiplies the image.

Notes Edit

  • alphaMode attribute of Texture widget has type AlphaMode.
  • As of patch 2.2.0, Blizzard uses only BLEND and ADD AlphaModes in their code.

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