Warlock abilities are mana-based spells hailing from the fire and shadow schools of magic. The abilities are broken down into three specializations: Affliction (slow and steady damage), Demonology (summoning of demons and demonic powers), and Destruction (high-burst damage).

Icon Ability Min Level
32px [Shoot] Starts with
32px [Shadow Bolt] Starts with
32px [Summon Imp] Starts with
32px [Corruption] 3
32px [Drain Life] 7
32px [Summon Voidwalker] 8
32px [Create Healthstone] 9
32px [Control Demon] 10
32px [Health Funnel] 11
32px [Fear] 14
32px [Voidwalker: Suffering] 15
32px [Life Tap] 16
32px [Curse of Enfeeblement] 17
32px [Soulstone] 18
32px [Felsteed] 20
32px [Summon Succubus] 20
32px [Voidwalker: Disarm] 20
32px [Eye of Kilrogg] 22
32px [Unending Breath] 24
32px [Succubus: Seduction] 26
32px [Soul Harvest] 27
32px [Voidwalker: Shadow Shield] 28
32px [Summon Felhunter] 29
32px [Felhunter: Devour Magic] 30
32px [Enslave Demon] 31
Icon Ability Min Level
32px [Banish] 32
32px [Imp: Flee] 33
32px [Succubus: Lesser Invisibility] 33
32px [Twilight Ward] 34
32px [Fel Armor] 38
32px [Dreadsteed] 40
32px [Ritual of Summoning] 42
32px [Summon Infernal] 49
32px [Felhunter: Spell Lock] 50
32px [Nethermancy] 50
32px [Curse of the Elements] 51
32px [Voidwalker: Shadow Bulwark] 54
32px [Command Demon] 56
32px [Succubus: Whiplash] 56
32px [Summon Doomguard] 58
32px [Unending Resolve] 64
32px [Soulshatter] 66
32px [Create Soulwell] 68
32px [Imp: Cauterize Master] 68
32px [Imp: Singe Magic] 71
32px [Demonic Circle: Summon] 76
32px [Demonic Circle: Teleport] 76
32px [Fel Flame] 77
32px [Dark Intent] 82
32px [Demonic Gateway] 87
32px [Pandemic] 90

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