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A master of chaos who calls down fire to burn and demolish enemies.
- Official description
Stat priority
  • Intellect
  • Hit Rating (15%)
  • Haste Rating (swap with Mastery for multiple-target focus)
  • Mastery Rating
  • Critical Strike Rating
Icon Ability Min Level
32px [Conflagrate] 10
32px [Incinerate] 10
32px [Chaotic Energy] 10
32px [Immolate] 12
32px [Rain of Fire] 21
32px [Backlash] 32
32px [Havoc] 36
32px [Chaos Bolt] 42
32px [Ember Tap] 42
Icon Ability Min Level
32px [Burning Embers] 42
32px [Shadowburn] 47
32px [Fire and Brimstone] 54
32px [Aftermath] 54
32px [Backdraft] 69
32px [Flames of Xoroth] 79
32px [Mastery: Emberstorm] 80
32px [Dark Soul: Instability] 84
32px [Pyroclasm] 86

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