Warrior abilities typically revolve around their rage bar. With Mists of Pandaria Mists of Pandaria, ability availability is no longer governed by stances.

Icon Ability Min Level
32px [Battle Stance] Starts with
32px [Heroic Strike] Starts with
32px [Throw] Starts with
32px [Parry] Starts with
32px [Charge] 3
32px [Victory Rush] 5
32px [Execute] 7
32px [Defensive Stance] 9
32px [Taunt] 12
32px [Enrage] 14
32px [Sunder Armor] 16
32px [Thunder Clap] 20
32px [Heroic Throw] 22
32px [Pummel] 24
32px [Disarm] 28
32px [Deep Wounds] 32
32px [Berserker Stance] 34
Icon Ability Min Level
32px [Hamstring] 36
32px [Battle Shout] 36
32px [Cleave] 44
32px [Shield Wall] 48
32px [Plate Specialization] 50
32px [Intimidating Shout] 52
32px [Berserker Rage] 54
32px [Recklessness] 62
32px [Spell Reflection] 66
32px [Commanding Shout] 68
32px [Intervene] 72
32px [Shattering Throw] 74
32px [Rallying Cry] 83
32px [Heroic Leap] 85
32px [Demoralizing Banner] 87
32px [Mocking Banner] 87
32px [Skull Banner] 87

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