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Tag Source
16px [Book of Glyph Mastery] (requires 425 inscription skill)
T:# Learned from a trainer with # Inscription skill
M:# Minor Inscription Research (requires # Inscription skill)
N Northrend Inscription Research (requires 385 Inscription skill)
V:# Vendor (requires # Inscription skill)

Mists of Pandaria Edit

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content exclusive to Mists of Pandaria.

Glyphs are for all specs unless otherwise noted.

Major Glyph Source Major Glyph Source
16px [Glyph of Blitz] N 16px [Glyph of Bloodthirst] Fury T:285
16px [Glyph of Bull Rush] T:250 16px [Glyph of Colossus Smash] ArmsFury V:465
16px [Glyph of Death From Above] 16px 16px [Glyph of Die by the Sword] ArmsFury T:170
16px [Glyph of Enraged Speed] T:85 16px [Glyph of Furious Sundering] ArmsFury 16px
16px [Glyph of Gag Order] T:95 16px [Glyph of Hamstring] T:110
16px [Glyph of Heavy Repercussions] Protection (Warrior) N 16px [Glyph of Hindering Strikes] T:240
16px [Glyph of Hoarse Voice] T:140 16px [Glyph of Hold the Line] Protection (Warrior) T:190
16px [Glyph of Incite] Protection (Warrior) Scroll of Wisdom 16px [Glyph of Long Charge] T:75
16px [Glyph of Mortal Strike] Arms N 16px [Glyph of Raging Wind] Fury T:345
16px [Glyph of Rude Interruption] T:125 16px [Glyph of Shield Slam] Protection (Warrior) N
16px [Glyph of Shield Wall] 16px 16px [Glyph of Spell Reflection] 16px
16px [Glyph of Sweeping Strikes] Arms T:320 16px [Glyph of Unending Rage] T:75
16px [Glyph of Victory Rush] N 16px [Glyph of Whirlwind] ArmsFury 16px
Minor Glyph Source Minor Glyph Source
16px [Glyph of the Blazing Trail] Scroll of Wisdom 16px [Glyph of Bloodcurdling Shout] M:75
16px [Glyph of Bloody Healing] M:75 16px [Glyph of Burning Anger] Scroll of Wisdom
16px [Glyph of Crow Feast] Scroll of Wisdom 16px [Glyph of Gushing Wound] M:75
16px [Glyph of Intimidating Shout]  ?? 16px [Glyph of Mighty Victory] M:75
16px [Glyph of Mystic Shout] M:75 16px [Glyph of Thunder Strike] M:75

Pre-Mists of Pandaria Edit

Major Glyph Level Source Major Glyph Level Source
Glyph of Barbaric Insults 16 T:220 Glyph of Bladestorm 60 16px
16px [Glyph of Hamstring] 15 T:125 Glyph of Heroic Strike 15 T:95
16px [Glyph of Mortal Strike] 40 N Glyph of Overpower 15 T:170
Glyph of Rapid Charge 15 T:85 Glyph of Rending 15 T:110
16px [Glyph of Resonating Power] 15 N 16px [Glyph of Sweeping Strikes] 30 T:320
Major Glyph Level Source Major Glyph Level Source
16px [Glyph of Bloodthirst] 40 N 16px [Glyph of Cleaving] 20 T:240
Glyph of Execution 24 T:285 Glyph of Enraged Regeneration 75 16px
16px [Glyph of Whirlwind] 36 T:345 16px [Glyph of Victory Rush] 15 N
Major Glyph Level Source Major Glyph Level Source
16px [Glyph of Blocking] 40 N 16px [Glyph of Devastate] 50 N
Glyph of Intervene 70 N Glyph of Last Stand 20 N
16px [Glyph of Revenge] 15 T:190 16px [Glyph of Shield Wall] 28 16px
Glyph of Shockwave 60 16px 16px [Glyph of Spell Reflection] 64 16px
16px [Glyph of Sunder Armor] 15 T:140 Glyph of Taunt 15 N
Glyph of Vigilance 40 16px
Minor glyphs
Minor Glyph Level Source Minor Glyph Level Source
Glyph of Battle 15 M Glyph of Bloodrage 15 M
Glyph of Charge 15 M Glyph of Enduring Victory 62 M
Glyph of Mocking Blow 16 M 16px [Glyph of Thunder Clap] 15 M
Glyph of Command 68 M

Common Glyph selections and utility Edit

Protection (PvE Tanking) Edit

The type of tanking you do determines the type of glyphs you choose. Glyph of Blocking is generally considered the most significant.

[Glyph of Blocking] - This is a highly-recommended glyph. 10% more damage blocked and more free threat on your most frequently-used ability makes this glyph an absolute must.
[Glyph of Sunder Armor] - Very handy for AoE tanking, applying sunders to mobs without having to swap targets.
[Glyph of Devastate] - Used alone, this glyph is useful for single-target tanking, however if combined with Glyph of Sunder Armor, your Devastate ability will apply two stacks of Sunder Armor to your current target, as well as one to a secondary target. Again, very handy for AoE tanking.
[Glyph of Revenge] - Boosts DPS by giving you a free Heroic Strike, letting that Rage be spent elsewhere.
Glyph of Heroic Strike - When paired with the glyph above, a great way to generate extra Rage.
[Glyph of Resonating Power] - Properly specced, Thunder Clap is a mere 8 Rage.

Glyph of Bloodrage - A free 20 Rage every minute lets you pull out some more tricks without loss of HP.
[Glyph of Thunder Clap] - For AoE Tanking.
Glyph of Command - Increases Commanding Shout by 2 minutes.

Revenge and Heroic Strike glyphs are more suited for main tanks on raid-boss fights, while Sunder and Cleaving are better suited for trash clearing and heroic 5-man dungeons.

Arms (PvE DPS) Edit

[Glyph of Mortal Strike] Glyph of Rending Glyph of Execution

Arms (PvP) Edit

Glyph of Execution [Glyph of Hamstring] [Glyph of Mortal Strike]

Dependent on your talents however, you could also use:

Glyph of Execution [Glyph of Hamstring] Glyph of Overpower

As [Glyph of Mortal Strike] only gives 10% increased damage, this 10% could prove to be less than an entire second Overpower.

Fury (PvE DPS) Edit

Glyph of Heroic Strike (single-target situations) or 16px [Glyph of Cleaving] (multi-mob situations)
Glyph of Execution
[Glyph of Whirlwind]

Glyph of Battle
Glyph of Bloodrage

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