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Wildhammer usually refers to a dwarven family that rules the Wildhammer clan.


After the war, due to Grim Batol being uninhabitable, the Wildhammers were invited to live in Ironforge. Khardros refused, not willing to relive the shadows of the past. He instead founded a new kingdom at Aerie Peak. During the Second War, Kurdran pledged his kingdom's aid to Anduin Lothar after the human Alliance aided them in forcing the invading orcs and forest trolls out of their homeland. He was serving as scout and warrior for the Alliance Expedition to Draenor, when Ner'zhul opened his unholy portals.

Kurdran elected to remain with his comrades and ensure that the Dark Portal was sealed to prevent it from harming Azeroth. For twenty years, he was believed dead, until found that he currently resides in Wildhammer Stronghold, the Alliance outpost in Shadowmoon Valley. After succeeding Kurdran, Falstad rules the Wildhammer clan from Aerie Peak in the Hinterlands. He reached Grim Batol and fought in the final battle there to free the Dragon Queen Alexstrasza.

Known membersEdit


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