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World of Warcraft Valentine's Day Commercial is an official movie posted in the World of Warcraft community site by Blizzard Entertainment Inc..[1] This video also appeared as a commercial in News From Outland: Crisis at Da Portal!.[2] The video shows the shadow of a male blood elf fighting with a doomguard and killing the demon, then a female blood elf admire him and hearths came up arround her. The male blood elf put a jewel in a sword as a trincket.[1]

Blizzard's description:

What do you get the blood elf who has everything? This Valentine's Day, make it an epic jewel! Yes, the industrial empires of Azeroth aren't about to let anyone escape the relentless marketing campai- er, bloom of true love associated with this time of year! Take a look at this new commercial but be warned that you may be struck by a sudden impulse to spend all the gold you've saved for your epic mount.[1]

Video transcript:

You fought together against impossible odds
You are bound at the soul
Show her how EPIC she really is
Durability can wane
But sockets are forever
Dabiri's Venture Co.

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