X-53 Touring Rocket is a special mount that players can earn only through the Recruit-A-Friend (RAF) program. The X-53 is available to players claiming their RAF reward after April 27, 2010. Players who already claimed the [Swift Zhevra] mount must complete another RAF to claim an X-53 mount. This mount was discontinued and replaced by the [Obsidian Nightwing] on July 16th, 2012.

Notes Edit

  • The X-53 was one of two flying mounts available in the game that allowed for multiple passengers (the other being the [Sandstone Drake]).
  • This mount will also scale to match the speed of your fastest owned mount, up to 310% flight speed.
  • The X-53 may be based off the X-52 rocket located in Area 52, Netherstorm.
  • Using this mount, players who don't have Cold-Weather Flying can get the Explorer Achievement with some help from a friend.
  • Summoning this mount triggers the global cooldown, unlike most other mounts.
  • As of Patch 4.0.1, the rocket can now be ridden as a ground mount in no fly zones at 100% ground speed
  • The mount is mailed in-game to the character you select from Master Handler Sylvester. With the item is the following letter written up as a shipping manifest:
X-53 Nether Rocket

TO: <name>

FROM: B.O.O.M. Rocket Works


- One (1) X-53 Nether Rocket, Touring Model

- One (1) Rocket Ignition Key

- One (1) Rear-Mounted Ejector Seats

- Zero (0) Parachutes

Official Notes Edit

New Recruit-A-Friend Mount Coming Soon | 2010-04-06 09:00 | Bashiok
Beginning in just a few days, players who participate in the Recruit-A-Friend program will receive a whole new reward for showing a friend the ropes in Azeroth: the X-53 Touring Rocket, a two-seater flying mount that automatically increases its speed as your mount skill improves (up to 310% speed if you already have a 310% mount). The X-53 will be replacing the current Zhevra mount reward, which is retiring from the Recruit-A-Friend business after a good run. If you've already claimed a Zhevra (or claim one prior to the change), you’ll be able to hang on to it, of course. We’ll have more details on the new Recruit-A-Friend mount once it becomes available.

Current Recruit-A-Friend FAQ -

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New Recruit-A-Friend Mount Coming Soon | 2010-04-06 10:06 | Bashiok
If you've claimed your Recruit-A-Friend gift and received the Zhevra you'll need to refer a new friend (thus gaining a new reward to redeem and claim after this change) to also obtain the X-53 Touring Rocket.

If you have a reward waiting around you have not claimed it can be used to claim a Zhevra now, or you can wait and claim an X-53 after the change.

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Patches changes Edit

  • WotLK/Cataclysm Patch 4.0.1 (patch date::12-Oct-2010): Can now be used as a ground mount in addition to being a flying mount. 
  • Pilt:WoW Icon 16x16.gif Hotfix (2010-04-27): "Time is running out for those who wish to claim their Zhevra, as the launch of the X-53 Touring Rocket is now scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, April 27! If you’ve fulfilled all of the Recruit-A-Friend requirements necessary to claim a mount now but choose not to claim the Zhevra, you will be able to claim the X-53 Touring Rocket instead once it launches. Sounds like they’re firing it up for a final test run now..."
  • WotLK Patch 3.3.3 (patch date::2010-03-23): Added. 

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