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Gender Gender::Male
Race race::Troll (Humanoid)
Level NPC level::1-5
Character class Shaman
Location Echo Isles, Durotar

Zuni is a Darkspear troll recruit who accompanies new troll players on several quests throughout levels 1-5. He is first seen when you have completed your training and are tasked with the quest H [4] A Troll's Truest Companion and talks to you as you cross the bridge to help obtain raptors. During two later quests H [4] No More Mercy and H [3] Territorial Fetish he assists you in killing the naga that are trying to take over the Echo Isles, led by Zar'jira. Near the end of the fight with Zar'jira during the quest H [5] An Ancient Enemy he runs behind her to stamp out the braziers that give fuel her powers. Zar'jira notices that he is doing this and casts a Frostwave, killing him instantly. After being killed, Vol'jin asks Zen'tabra to heal Zuni, but when she attempts to you found out that Zar'jira ripped his soul from his body, forever killing him.




Entering the Spitescale CavernEdit

  • Ha! I caught up with ya! Let's stick together in 'ere, okay?

Battling NagaEdit

  • Go suck on a trident.
  • Oi mon, it reaks of bad fish in 'ere.
  • Ya about to be Darkspeared.
  • If I fished ya up, I'd throw ya back. Waste of good fish meat.
  • Die snakefish!
  • Ya messed with da wrong trolls!

Battling Zar'jiraEdit

  • I'll get the fires dis time!


  • Even though he is only located in the starting zone and is killed, he is fully voice acted giving him far more depth than is usual for such a minor character.

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